Nudie Suit Revisited
                             An Original Creation by Susan Deal,





This garment was created as an homage to one of the pioneers of western wear - the late Nudie Cohen.  He became so famous as a designer of outfits for cowboy movie stars and western singers that the flashy "rhinestone cowboy" suits became known as "nudie suits."  57 separate embroidery motifs were used to created the overall design for the suit - most of which include a chain stitch which was so prominent in early western wear.  Computer software was used to rotate, mirror-image, and otherwise manipulate the embroidery motifs.  The embroidery was done through a layer of batting as well as the fabric for a little extra "pouf."  Lastly, many iron-on crystals were added for that "rhinestone cowgirl" look.

Detail of the "nudie suit" motifs

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